About Us

  • RITLEENA will be celebrating the joy and happiness of others, organizing Birthdays, Rings and Wedding ceremonies, and will be fulfilling the dreams and demands of its clients.
  • RITLEENA commits to serve joy and happiness with all the blessings and good wishes coming along our way.
  • Planning for any special occasion ? Not to worry. We are there to help you out on making it memorable forever with our expertise.

  • You might know that RITLEENA is an event management company that deals with managing events of joy and happiness and organizes birthdays, ring and Wedding ceremonies and fulfils the dreams and demands of its clients.
  • This year to showcase and exhibit womanhood and fertility and the cultural heritage of Odisha, RITLEENA celebrated Raja Mahoutsabh on 15th June 2023 at the Community Hall of Baramunda Housing Board Colony.
  • As you know, Raja Parba is celebrated as the period when Mother Earth undergoes rejuvenation and becomes fertile for agricultural activities.
  • On this occasion, girl students who won in various competitions were awarded and felicitated. Thus, to transfer the cultural value and importance of the Raja festival amongst the new generation.


Location :

Baramunda Housing Board Colony, Bhubaneswar 751003,India


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